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Frequently Asked Questions - Radioactive Materials

Q:  How do I report a Radiological Emergency, Incident, or Allegation?

Answer: Contact the ADH Emergency Communications Center at (501) 661-2136 or 1-800-633-1735. Emergencies, Incidents, and Allegations may also be reported to (501) 661-2301 during normal business hours.

Q:  How do I renew my Arkansas Radioactive Material License?

Answer: Download and complete the Application for Radioactive Material License based on the license type and then submit two copies of it to the address indicated on the application.

Q:  Do I submit a fee when I renew my specific license?

Answer: No. As long as your specific license fees have been paid for the current calendar year, there are no additional fees charged for renewal.

Q:  How do I know if my license is Under Timely Renewal?

Answer: Licenses are considered Under Timely Renewal if a renewal application has been received by the Department prior to the license expiration date. If an amendment to the license is processed while the license is Under Timely Renewal, “Under Timely Renewal” will appear in Item 5 of the license.

Q:  Will I receive a letter showing my license is Under Timely Renewal?

Answer: Yes. The licensee should receive a letter from the Department confirming receipt of the renewal application and stating that the license will remain Under Timely Renewal until the application is reviewed by the Department.

Q:  How do I apply for an Arkansas Radioactive Material License?

Answer: Download and complete the Application for Radioactive Material License based on the license type, and then submit two copies of it along with the appropriate fee to the address indicated on the application.

Q:  How long is a Radioactive Material License issued for?

Answer: Licenses are issued for ten (10) years.

Q:  Will I receive an invoice to pay fees for my specific license?

Answer: Yes. All specific licensees will receive an annual invoice for the next calendar year requesting payment of fees.

Q:  How can I pay my license fees?

Answer: Annual license fees can be paid with a check, money order, or by way of the Online Renewal System using a credit card or electronic check. License application and amendment fees can only be paid with a check or money order and are due upon receipt of the application or amendment request.

Q:  Will I receive a receipt after paying my fees?

Answer: Yes. A receipt will be generated and mailed to the licensee after fees are received by the Department.

Q:  How do I make changes to my Radioactive Material License, such as adding an Authorized User or changing the RSO?

Answer: Download and complete any applicable forms, attach any supporting information, then submit it with the $50 amendment fee and a letter requesting an Amendment to the license. Please call the Radioactive Materials Program with questions on what type of information to submit.

Q:  My facility will no longer be using or storing radioactive materials.  How do I terminate my license?

Answer: Please contact the Radioactive Materials Program for instructions particular to the license type.

Q:  I want to perform work in the State of Arkansas but do not have an Arkansas Radioactive Material License.  What do I need to do?

Answer: To perform temporary work in the state without obtaining a state license requires a reciprocity license. Submit the appropriate fee, along with the following for review: a letter requesting reciprocity and describing the type of work to be performed, a copy of your relevant U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or Agreement State license, and a copy of your operating and emergency procedures. Once you have received approval for reciprocity, you must submit an Arkansas Notice of Entry form at least three days prior to engaging in work activities in the state. For NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) activities, the Notice of Entry must be submitted at least 5 days before entry. A reciprocity license covers activities within the state for a period not in excess of 180 days in the calendar year the fee is paid. Some activities require the approval of a work plan prior to performing work under the license. Click here for the Radioactive Materials Licensing Information page – Reciprocity section.

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