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Cosmetology Fee Schedule

In compliance with A.C.A. §17-26-209, the Department of Health – Cosmetology Section is mandated to collect fees in accordance to the following fee schedule:


Current Fee

Enrollment into a Cosmetology School

$20.00 per enrollment

Renewal for a Practitioner

$2.50 biennially

Reciprocity for a Practitioner

$2.50 one-time fee

New Establishment

$5.00 one-time fee

Salon Relocation

$2.50 one-time fee

Renewal of an Establishment

$2.50 annually

New School

$50.00 one-time fee

Renewal of a School

$12.50 annually

Change or name and/or ownership of a School

$5.00 for one; $10.00 both

Name and /or ownership change of an Establishment

$1.25 for one; $2.50 for both

Certification of Board Records

$0.50 per license

Reinstatement fee - Practitioner license

50% of proposed renewal fee

Reinstatement fee - Salon license

50% of proposed renewal fee

Reinstatement fee - School license

50% of proposed renewal fee

Lifetime license

$2.50 one-time fee

Hot check fee

$25 service charge plus applicable bank fees

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