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Computed Tomography

Since October 2009, there have been a number of reports regarding CT overexposures to patients nationwide. In the interest of educating the citizens of Arkansas regarding the importance of regulating exposure to ionizing radiation, the following information is provided.

As with all imaging modalities, it is imperative that consumers be informed and involved with their medical practitioner to ensure that exposure to ionizing radiation be limited to that which is absolutely necessary. Particularly for parents of young children, it is recommended that the parent keep a history of all radiological procedures and that medical professionals be made aware of previous studies done, prior to ordering more studies, in an effort to limit unnecessary repeat examinations. In this regard, many informational links are provided below including to the national "Image Gently" Campaign.

Additionally, listed below are other links to news articles and information regarding reports of overexposures during CT Perfusion Studies as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Health Advisories.

Information Notice 09-06



What Parents Should Know

What Patients Should Know

Information for Radiologists/Practitioners

Overexposures in the News

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