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CLIA Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact CLIA for payments, applications, changes or compliance?

To submit your payment to CLIA by postal mail send to:
CLIA Laboratory Program
P.O. Box 3056
Portland, OR 97208-3056

To submit your payment to CLIA electronically, click here.

To contact the Arkansas Department of Health regarding CLIA applications, changes or compliance, use the following information:

Office Address Phone Fax
Health Facility Services 5800 W. 10th St., Suite 400
Little Rock, AR  72204
501-661-2201 501-661-2165

For further information on the CMS CLIA, click here.


2.  How long does it take to get my new certificate?

Typically one month.


3.  I did not receive a new certificate and mine has expired. What happened?

Your certificate will be cancelled if you do not pay the bill before the expiration date. You will receive a bill from CMS in Atlanta, GA about 6 months prior to your certificate expiration. If you do not pay that bill, you will receive a second bill. If you do not pay that bill, you will receive a third bill.


4.  Does a Technical Consultant register with the State Agency?

There is not a Registry for Technical Consultants nor a limit on the number of labs a Consultant can work for.


5.  Can I get another copy of my certificate?

Yes. Requests for a replacement certificate should be submitted to Health Facility Services.


6.  I paid my bill 3 months ago and I still don’t have my certificate.

You will receive your certificate just prior to the expiration of the current certificate regardless of when you paid your bill. The first bill is issued 6 months in advance of the expiration of the current certificate.


7.  Do I still receive and pay a CMS bill if I am accredited?

Yes. Accreditation does not cancel your financial obligation to CMS.


8.  Where can I get a fee list?

A fee list may be requested from Health Facility Services or visit the CMS CLIA website.


9.  How do I terminate my certificate?

As soon as you have a date for termination, send written notification to Health Facility Services.


10. Who can bill for lab tests?

For Medicare Payment, the lab where the test is performed should bill for the test.


11. I didn’t receive my bill.  Do you have the correct address?

The bill is always addressed to the Laboratory Director and sent to the address provided on the application.


12. I want to change Lab Directors. What do I do?

Send the request in writing and provide the credentials for the new Laboratory Director to Health Facility Services.


13. How do I notify CLIA of a Change of Ownership?

Send CMS Form 116, a copy of the CLIA certificate and a copy of the legal documents to Health Facility Services.

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