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Plan Review and Submission Portal

WELCOME to the Arkansas Department of Health Plan Review page. The mission of the Arkansas Department of Health is to protect and improve the health and well-being of all Arkansans. The plan review process is one important factor in attaining this mission.

The purpose of a plan review process is to ensure that development or building projects comply with the adopted policies and codes. Staff review plan submissions for proposed projects. Plan reviews are coordinated through multiple divisions- Engineering (Civil projects: drinking water, civil drawings, drinking wells, etc.), Protective Health Codes (Plumbing, Natural Gas), and Environmental (Retail Food, Wholesale/Manufactured food, Public Swimming Pools/Spas, On Site Sewage). This coordinated process helps to ensure that all pertinent codes/policies are followed and included in the design and execution of the project, thus helping to minimize delays. 

Adhering to the ADH Guiding Principles, Plan Review staff work diligently to review all projects in a timely manner. While staff is allotted up to 30 days to complete a review, review times vary depending on numerous factors. To ensure the most efficient process, providing complete submissions referencing the current adopted codes is necessary. For more information contact the appropriate division(s).

UPDATE: The Arkansas Department of Health has updated, redesigned and re-launched the ELECTRONIC Plan Submission portal. Plans can still be submitted electronically along with electronic forms and electronic pay capabilities. Customers will now be required to pay for a plan review at the time of submission. Invoices will no longer be generated and also removes the ability to mail a check for electronic submission. Existing customers using the electronic system, can contact your ADH point of contact for additional information and clarification. New customers will be required to request a customer number prior to submission. Please feel free to request the new customer guide from your Plan review point of contact. ADH utilizes the electronic review software, Bluebeam Revu. This portal is for anyone submitting plans but is especially beneficial for submitters who are out of town or out of state thus saving time, gas, and money.

ADH Plan Review Divisions:


Plan Submissions:

Plans may be submitted in person, by mail, or electronically. Plans may be brought in person by contacting the proper division and setting an appointment for review*. If the submitter is unable to wait for review, plans may be dropped off and staff will review them and send documentation of the review. Plans may also be mailed to the ADH central office in Little Rock. For proper routing, each division has a specific slot number that must be included on the address.

*Please note that appointments or building access may be limited or ceased during elevated illness events.

Paper Plan submissions are accepted in the same manner they have been in the past. Each submission should consist of complete plans with all pages required for each specific division required, all associated forms/applications/documents, and associated fees.

All project submissions require a Project Cost Estimate worksheet and Plan Review fee. Projects that are multiple departments (e.g. Plumbing and Retail food) share 1 form and 1 Plan Review Fee. For this example, Plumbing costs and Food establishment costs are added to get the total project cost. The Plan Review fee is then calculated as 1% of the project cost (minimum $50 and maximum $500).

Electronic Plan submissions are submitted here. Customers submitting plans electronically for the first time are required to create a unique user account. Users will then request a customer number from plan review staff. Once created, submitters will be notified of their customer number and that they may proceed. The Project Cost Estimate sheet is electronically filled out and plans submitted as attachments. Please submit attachments as PDF or CAD files. Photos or .JPEG attachments are also allowed but not preferred. Customers complete the submission and pay at that time. Staff will be notified that the plan is ready for review. Again, this process has recently changed. Payment is due at submission, and plan review is no longer creating invoices.

Staff and submitter can email and/or attach items within the project (approval letters or other documentation of the review) or send via email or postal service.


Retail Food Plan Review Guidelines

Retail Food (mobile, kiosk, pushcart, brick & mortar) requires a retail food permit application and initial annual permit fee at the time of submission.  Submission requirements have recently changed. Click the Retail Food Link above for the updated submission packet.

To minimize delays, all packet requirements must be received before the review can be completed. Failure to submit all required information will result in the project being placed on hold or being disapproved.

Submitted plans should provide the following:

*Full requirements can be found in the Retail Food Plan Review Guideline link above.

NOTE: HVAC has moved to the Department of Labor.

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