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Radioactive Materials Vendors

To apply to become a vendor of services described in Part D of Section 1 of the ASBH - Rules for Control of Sources of Ionizing Radiation, please complete the Vendor Registration Form below and mail it to the Radioactive Materials Program with the appropriate fee. Each person desiring to provide said services must register with the Department prior to providing those services. Vendors are invoiced annually.

Existing vendors must update their registration, using the same Vendor Registration Form, before making any change that would render the information contained in the application for registration no longer accurate. Vendors with amended radioactive material licenses should submit a current copy of the amended license to the Department prior to providing services that are authorized in the license and specified in the vendor registration. Making a change to an existing registration requires no fee.

A listing of vendors/consultants is available upon request.

Vendor service applicants wishing to perform services involving X-ray use must go to the X-Ray Vendors page and complete RC FORM 800.

Vendor Registration Form 801  
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