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Radiation Control

The Arkansas Department of Health promotes the safe and effective use of ionizing radiation in the State of Arkansas through its Radiation Control Section. This Section accomplishes protection from unnecessary exposure through education of the public and education and regulation of licensees and registrants.

Radiation Control provides regulatory oversight through the following programs:

Individuals administering ionizing radiation to humans are licensed by the Radiologic Technology Licensure Program. The Radioactive Materials Program also regulates academic and industrial accelerators. The X-ray and Mammography Program also regulates medical accelerators.

In addition, Radiation Control Health Physicists provide:


Annual Billing

Annual fee invoices are mailed from the Department to licensees and registrants during the month of November for the next calendar year’s activities. A late fee equal to 10% of the applicable fee shall be charged for fees not received within 60 days of the invoiced due date. If you have not received your annual invoice by December 1, please contact the Radiation Control Section at (501) 661-2301 or the applicable program. Payment can be made with a check, money order, or by way of the Online Renewal System using a credit card or electronic check.

Contact Information

The Radiation Control Section is located at 5800 W. 10th Street, Suite 401, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72204, in the Freeway Medical Tower building.

RADIOLOGICAL EMERGENCIES should be reported to the ADH Emergency Communications Center at (501) 661-2136 or 1-800-633-1735.  Emergencies occurring during normal business hours can also be reported to (501) 661-2301.

Office Address Phone Fax
Radiation Control 4815 W. Markham, Slot 30
Little Rock, AR  72205
501-661-2301 501-661-2849

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