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Arkansas Board of Podiatric Medicine

Welcome to the Arkansas Board of Podiatric Medicine

Since the Internet is an easy and direct way to communicate with you, this website will allow you to have immediate access to important information about the policies and procedures regarding podiatric medicine in the state of Arkansas. We are dedicated to providing professionals and the public with the most current information available. It is our hope that you will find the Arkansas Podiatric Board's website helpful and informative.


To protect the citizens of Arkansas and act as their advocate by effectively regulating the Practice of Podiatric Medicine and ensure that all licensed podiatric physicians uphold the obligation of providing ethical, quality standard of care.

About the Board

Arkansas Board of Podiatric Medicine maintains records of the Doctors of Podiatric Medicine Licensed to practice in the State of Arkansas. The Board is governed by AR Code 17-96-201. The Governor shall appoint an examining board to consist of five (5) members appointed on September 1, for terms of three (3) years.

Board Members Location
John Robinette DPM, President Pine Bluff

Board Meetings

  1. The annual business meeting of the Board will be held in June of each year.  Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President, or in the absence or inability of the president to act, by the members of said Board, for the proper and efficient discharge of their duties as required by law.
  2. Examining applicants for licensure shall be held during the Annual Meeting of the Board.
  3. At all meetings of the Board, three members shall be necessary for the transaction of business, and all motions must have two favorable votes in order for them to carry.  At examinations, only one member needs to be present to supervise the examination and render such service as may be needed.

Forms & Publications

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