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Child Health Advisory Committee

Act 1220 of 2003 created the Child Health Advisory Committee (CHAC) to work on creating standards to improve school nutrition and lower childhood obesity. Act 719 of 2007 amended ACT 1220 of 2003 to add additional members and duties of the committee. The CHAC meets monthly and serves as a resource to legislators interested in a policy that impacts child health; helps create a yearly report on the changes in-school nutrition and physical education standards to the co-chairs of the House and Senate Interim Committees on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor. There are 20 organizations with one representative each on the CHAC. The appointments are made by the Secretary of Health at the Arkansas Department of Health and the Secretary of the Department of Education at the Arkansas Department of Education.

Arkansas Department of Health:

Arkansas Department of Education:

Major tasks mandated to schools by the Acts include:

Additional major tasks mandated to the CHAC by the Acts include:

The Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Department of Education, and the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI) have developed a statewide plan to help schools with the Body Mass Index program. For more information regarding the BMI Project see School Health and Wellness or contact the State School Health and Wellness Coordinator(s).

Arkansas Department of Health, State School Health & Wellness Coordinator: Shanetta Agnew, (501) 280-4889.

Division of Education and Secondary Education, State School Health and Wellness Coordinator: Shy Whitley, (501) 683-3604.

Resources for Wellness Committees:

CHAC Resources:

Minutes: for any minutes older than 2023, contact the Board's office

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