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Trauma Center Designation Process

Hospital Listing

Below is a listing of hospitals by region with designation intent levels reflected.  This listing includes contact information for the ADH Trauma Nurse Coordinator for each region.  As hospitals go through the process and are designated, they will be added to the Designated Trauma Centers listing.


Hospital listing (by Region with Trauma Nurse Coordinators)


Below are documents that outline the trauma center designation process.  Some are designed specifically for hospitals, some for Trauma Reviewers, and some are applicable to both.  The intent of these documents is not only to establish the designation process but to make clear the roles and responsibilities of both hospitals and Trauma Reviewers within the overall process. This information is useful not only immediately before and during hospital designation site surveys, but also as a learning tool for hospitals and Trauma Reviewers as they prepare for the surveys.   

Hospital Documents

Trauma Surveyor Documents

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