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Vaccines are the safest way to protect you, your children, and your community from a long list of serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious, may require hospitalization, or even be deadly - especially in infants and young children.

A goal of the Arkansas Department of Health is to control and prevent the spread of these diseases by providing vaccines to local health units in each county and over 500 non-health department facilities in Arkansas.

Immunization doesn’t just protect the person getting the shot; it protects the entire community.  By getting shots on time, you can protect your child and yourself from disease and protect others at home, daycare, school, or work.  Here you will find vaccination recommendations for children, teens, and adults.


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2024-2025 Childcare-School Immunization Exemption Application 
2023-2024 Childcare-School Immunization Exemption Application

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2024-2025 College Immunization Exemption Application
2023-2024 College Immunization Exemption Application

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Arkansas implemented COVID-19 SMART Health Cards on September 14, 2022. When you receive a COVID-19 vaccination record from the Arkansas Department of Health or your health care provider and the record is from the state immunization information system, WebIZ, the record will contain your COVID-19 vaccination history and a 2D barcode, commonly known as a QR code. The QR code may be scanned into an app on your smartphone and used to verify your COVID-19 vaccination history at places that have a SMART Health Card compatible verifier app, such as airports, business, and large venues. If a SMART Health Card compatible verifier app is not available, you may present the paper copy of your SMART Health Card.

Your SMART Health Card will only contain COVID-19 vaccinations that have been entered into the Arkansas immunization information system, WebIZ. If you believe there are COVID-19 vaccinations missing from your COVID-19 SMART Health Card, you may reach out to the site where you received the vaccination to have it added to the WebIZ system. If you received COVID-19 vaccinations in another state, you may provide your vaccination information to your health care provider for a local health unit and the information will be added to your Arkansas WebIZ record.

The COVID-19 SMART Health Care QR Code is not connected to the WebIZ. Each time you receive an additional dose of COVID-19 vaccine, you will need to obtain a new COVID-19 SMART Health Card to ensure all vaccinations are included on your card and in your QR code.

Additional information on SMART Health Cards is available here.

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