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Medical Marijuana Designated Caregiver Requirements





A designated caregiver can make purchases on behalf of a patient who has a medical marijuana card (qualifying patient). A caregiver must apply separately from the qualifying patient and pay a separate application processing fee. If applying online, the caregiver and the qualifying patient must register separately.

To qualify for a designated caregiver registry card to legally purchase medical marijuana for a qualifying patient, you must meet the following qualifications:

*Note: Parents of a minor qualifying patient are not required to complete a criminal history check. The parent will still register as a caregiver and pay the non-refundable registry card application fee.

Be sure to check out these Frequently Asked Questions prepared by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Please note that online applications are preferred. If you wish to apply online, click here.

Forms can be downloaded here, or to request the forms to be mailed to you call 1-833-214-8619.

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