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HIV Counseling & Testing

What is HIV Counseling & Testing?

HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) is an HIV prevention aspect that allows individuals to learn their HIV status through a non-clinical rapid HIV test. HCT can be provided through stand-alone clinics or offered through community-based approaches. HCT is designed to motivate individuals to know their status and encourage others to do the same. HCT explores options for changing behaviors in order to prevent the acquisition and transmission of HIV, reduce anxiety over possible infection, facilitate safe disclosure of status, future planning, and improve access to HIV prevention and treatment services.

To become a Certified HIV Counselor, a candidate must:

  1. Register for the course
  2. Attend the HIV HCT course in its entirety.

Note: Course participation is a vital component of the HIV HCT training, and any participant who misses any portion of the course in excess of fifteen minutes will be withdrawn from the course.

  1. After completion of the course, the participant completes a Post-Course Knowledge Assessment
  2. Upon return to their respective organizations, the participants use the new counseling techniques and undergo Counseling Reviews by qualified staff members who have successfully gone through the training using the HIV Counseling and Testing Review Checklist (CD: STD-38).

HIV Counseling & Testing (HCT) Training Calendar for 2022:

Due to COVID, the class size has been cut in half. Registration is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.  Slots tend to fill rather quickly and typically before the registration deadline.

If you are interested in attending an HCT class or have any questions, please contact Darrien Adams at or 501-661-2033.

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