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Immunization Information System (AR WebIZ)

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The purpose of the Arkansas Immunization Information System (WebIZ) is to consolidate immunization information among health care professionals, assure adequate immunization levels, and to avoid unnecessary immunizations.

The Arkansas Immunization Information System data is used to:

Access is limited to individuals and entities that either provide immunization services or are required to ensure that persons are immunized. Patient specific information is only available to authorized users.

The privacy of participants and the confidentiality of information contained in the Arkansas Immunization Information System shall be protected at all times by all authorized users.

All users of the Arkansas Immunization Information System must sign the Arkansas Immunization Information System (WebIZ) User Security and Confidentiality Agreement.

 To enroll in WebIZ, please click the appropriate link to submit a WebIZ enrollment ticket:

Information on connecting your EHR to WebIZ for electronic data submission is available at Immunizations Onboarding Process.

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